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Tips for dating over 40

Dating over forty has it challenges, but there is hope. Many people recommend online dating for people who are over 40 because it is easier to chat and re-acclimate to the dating scene online.

Once the online dating game is perfected, the offline experience will be easier.

How to Build Confidence


<span color="#000000" style="color: #000000;"><span face="Segoe UI" style="font-family: 'Segoe UI';"><span size="2" style="font-size: small;">Meeting someone for a coffee date is easier when you feel confident about your clothes, hair, nails, smile and weight. If you focus on your appearance prior to your date, you will feel more confident. Only invest in the treatments that are within your means.

If you can go to the salon, get your nails done and whiten your teeth, but you cannot lose that extra 20 pounds, it's fine. Invest in as many beauty treatments as you can afford to feel confident before your date. If you are not self-conscious about your appearance, your date will probably not notice any flaws. </span></span></span>

<span color="#000000" style="color: #000000;"><span face="Segoe UI" style="font-family: 'Segoe UI';"><span size="2" style="font-size: small;">
To build confidence after your beauty treatments are complete, buy a new outfit and go out on your coffee date. Coffee dates are less intimidating than other types of dates. Other dates require a commitment of, at least, two hours or more with a person. 
If the date is not what you expected, you can walk away from coffee in 15 minutes or less and only lose $6 or less on a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. On the other hand, you may lose $50 to $100 on a dinner date with someone who is compatible. If you are pleased with the date, you can always request to extend the date to lunch or dinner.

There is no need to be self-conscious. There will probably be many lackluster dates before finding a compatible date. The good news is that online dating tools can help you eliminate most of the incompatible dates. </span></span></span>

Explore the World of Online Dating

The world of online dating is exciting because it allows you to really assess the type of person you are, and the type of person you want to attract. To get started, read reviews about the dating websites and sign up. Some sites are free if you have budget constraints. With free sites such as Likeyou Chat, there is no excuse. You can sign up today. 

With online dating, you can sort candidates by age, physical attributes, ethnicities, educational levels, religious faiths and gender preferences. Just keep in mind that someone is also using these criteria to find you.

<span color="#000000" style="color: #000000;"><span face="Segoe UI" style="font-family: 'Segoe UI';"><span size="2" style="font-size: small;">With online dating, it is your job to make your online profile interesting, informative and brief. Make your profile stand out from the competition by avoiding common profile mistakes that you find boring.


Where to Meet Dates


Meeting dates can occur at a variety of locations:

  • Social gatherings hosted by friends are a great way to meet new people.
  • Book clubs.
  • Summer outdoor social gatherings.
  • Company picnics.
  • Dinner parties.
  • Volunteering
  • Golfing.
  • Clubbing.
  • Joining singles clubs.
  • Attending spiritual seminars.


Social events can facilitate the introduction of friends to other friends. The events are usually 70 percent women and 30 percent men, but not 

everyone will be single. 

What to Expect On a First Date

The first few dates will be practice dates. The success of the dates will depend upon your companion.

The date could be chatty and ask few questions about you, or the date could be inquisitive and reveal very little.

The best dates combine a mixture questions and answers. Do not be afraid find out what you want to know.




First Date Survival Guide [Infographic]


A little while ago, We Love Dates conducted a fairly large survey all about the unavoidable first date. They wanted to know the truth about what we’re really thinking on a first date, what turns us off completely or what makes us eager for a second date.

The team took all the answers and created a one stop shop for all your first date questions-plus everyone knows a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Use this infographic as a guide to navigate your next first date straight into second date territory.

Do you agree with the answers?

First Date Survival Guide


Becoming an Expat with a New Job

One of the primary reasons why people are moving overseas is that they are offered jobs that are more competitive and is offering high salaries.

Expat abroad

This is why the number of those going abroad is continuing to grow.

People in different countries have come to realize that there is no future where they are right now. So when they see some jobs being offered abroad, they are easily enticed by the high salary and compensations that they offer.

Before they know it, they are off bringing their family and their belongings along to that certain country. And before long, they already have started a new life in that place with no regret of leaving their old home behind.

While moving overseas can be a rewarding and an exciting experience, there are some things you have to check out first before you make your decision. These things will prove relevant in your new life and career. What are these?

1. The employment.
Make sure that what you are getting at is genuine. A lot of people have bad experiences regarding jobs that they are supposed to be getting into. In the process of deciding if you are suited for that position; check out the eligibility of the employer.

The new jobOnce you are assured that it is legible, consider the benefits that you will get from that company. Are they worth more than what you are getting right now? Is it something that you know you will be happy in and will make you stay for a long time?

These are the questions that you need to have solid answers on. Keep in mind that once you have moved yourself and your family, you cannot get your old life and work back. Make sure that you will not regret your overseas move and your new job.

2. The location.
You probably would want to go back and visit your relative once in awhile. Is the location so far away that you will not get an opportunity to do that much?

If you are from a close knit family, it will trouble you if you cannot visit them from time to time. So you should consider the location and see if it is possible for you to visit or them to visit sometime.

Another thing to consider in the location is the condition in that place. You are better off avoiding those that are frequently visited by natural calamities. You should also avoid places that will put your safety at risk. Even if they are offering to pay you a lot of money, you need to think of your safety first.

The new place

3. The place you will move into.
For sure, you would want your new house to be just like the one you have left. And you will want to make sure that you have all the necessities easily accessible.

Be sure to check the place where you will be staying before you plunge on ahead. Check for electricity and water supply. See if it is located near business establishment and a school if you have your children with you. Also check for the mode of transportation from your place to other destinations.

Make a checklist of these things before you accept that job and start moving overseas. If you think that all is well, then it will turn out to be the best decision you have made in your life.


The evolution of online dating

I've been reading about the evolution of online dating platforms on Discovery News and decided to give some of the services mentioned on the article a try. Just looking for some friends, you know? Some fun... If my Prince Charm appears, well, I won't close the door :)

Apparently people often sign up for a three-day trial offered by one of the many online dating services, like Match.com, Likeyou.it or eHarmony.com. But when they don't find any potential mates immediately, they give up. That won't be my case, no sir. I know the dynamics of dating online are different from those offline and that it takes effort to communicate your strengths and personality in this environment.

I've found an article in which they've listed five tips for online dating and I thought it might be useful so here it is:

online dating profile1. Differentiate yourself with details.

When writing your online profile, be as specific as possible. For starters, experts caution against using adjectives.

You may think you're describing yourself when you use words like "kind," "fun-loving" and "curious", instead, you should think of stories and moments in your life that illustrate the qualities you want to communicate.

Detailed profiles that include "conversation nuggets" make it easier for potential matches to reach out and start a conversation over e-mail.

2. Pick the perfect profile picture.

It's the first thing potential matches will notice but, if you don't choose the right one, it could very well be the last.

If you want to show yourself in front of the Egyptian pyramids, think again. You'll just be a tiny dot and that kind of photo is better as a third or alternate photo.

Women should stay away from "funny face" photos and too many party shots, most of the guys aren't looking for something long-term with those girls.

online dating match3. Search for partners strategically.

Most people spend time looking for the person they want, not who's looking for them and the truth is what you look for is irrelevant if they're not looking for you back.

For example, if you're a man in San Francisco, don't expend too much energy flirting with a woman in Denver whose profile indicates that she's not interested in out-of-towners.

Or if you're a woman over 30, seek out men who want a woman over 30. Don't pin your hopes on the guy who seems perfect but explicitly says he's only interested in women 29 and younger.

You might have to adjust your expectations because trying to convince someone to be open to you is a waste of your time.

4. Ask for feedback.

Before you publish your profile, solicit some feedback: get opinions from friends! Also try reaching out to members of your online dating site who live outside your area: asking other men or women outside your area for their opinion could help eliminate those turn-offs before women in your area have the chance to write you off.

5. Write a winning first e-mail.

chat incontriSince the point of the e-mail is to elicit a response, experts say you'd better start by paying attention to:

The subject line > Try starting a thought and then not finishing it as well as including something the person mentioned in his or her profile

The e-mail itself > Don't try to "sell yourself" or impress someone in the first e-mail by listing your best qualities, your goal is to make someone smile.

Here's the secret: if you make someone smile in three or four lines, they know what they're supposed to do next.


Wish me luck! Oh, and if you want to join me, look for me in this chat!



We love because it's the only true adventure.


<p>Nikki Giovanni


Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs

I don't know if you've read the original article that's been published on Happyplace.com but I thought of writing about it anyways.

Most of the signs I will show you below this text were designed to help people: some of them were meant to help you get where you're going or to find a pet, others just want to keep you from harming your body, etc. And yet some writing-utensil-wielding wiseasses felt compelled to come along and totally deface them.

I don't think I am glad they put their smart-ass comments over the safety of others, as the guys from Happyplace.com say they are, but it's true that a little sense of humor won't kill anyone, right?



OMG, I've fallen for a corselette

Corselette CoquetteYes, exactly as you've read. I don't know how it happened but apparently my new Prince Charming is nothing but a piece of violet organza...

I know, you must think I am nuts but I promise you that you would have fallen for this Corselette at first sight as well as I did.

So here's the thing: I was visiting a friend of mine who is staying in Buenos Aires doing something at the American Embassy and while I was shopping in Barrio Norte (I am not sure if it's Recoleta or not), I saw it: the most perfect piece of lingierie I've seen in my entire life.

I don't look as great as the model when I'm in it but I do have to admit I am quite hot after all... If you feel like checking this corselette out, I recommend you to visit the site of the store where I've bought it: Sexitive.

And if you are going to Buenos Aires and you don't speak Spanish but you know you want to buy some lingierie, here's the word you should use: ropa intima femenina.

I know, it's three words.


How to look for love online: the Dos and Don'ts

26 million people visit dating sites each month. It's predicted that consumers will spend over $500 million on online dating services this year.

So in day two of the "Looking for Love" series, The Early Show turns to AOL's Consumer Adviser Regina Lewis for tips on finding love online.

Lewis says that for many singles, heading online is actually the preferred method of hooking up with potential dates because it offers them more control over their dating lives. "First, they don't feel like, 'Woe is me, I guess it'll happen when it happens,'" Lewis explains. "Second, they have more control over the screening process. You hold the cards. If you think you're getting along well with someone, great. If you're not, you move on. At the risk of sounding businesslike, it can be a lot more productive. That has inherent appeal for a lot of people with busy lives."

With so many sites out there, Lewis offers the following tips on how to get started:

Check Out a Mainstream Site - Larger sites are well-established and have a larger pool of members which ups your chance for meeting a mate. Likeyou.it has the most members. Eharmony is billed as catering to "serious daters" because it has a very comprehensive questionnaire designed to get a good feel for potential users.

Screen Posted Profiles - If you're not sure which large site to choose, most sites will give you a "trial period" and allow you to screen profiles of other online daters. Compare the profiles and see which site has more of the kinds of people you'd most like to meet. You want to go where you think you'll feel most comfortable.

Join a Niche Site - Once you're comfortable with the online dating world, go ahead and join a site that's tailored to your specific interests and personality. Most serious daters wind up joining a couple of sites - a large, mainstream dating service and a smaller, tailored one. Chances are you'll find the most success this way.

Of course, to really find a successful relationship online there are some "dos" and "don'ts" to follow. Here are Lewis' suggestions:

DO Use a Great Photo - While you don't have to be a model, pictures really, really matter. Personals with photos are 10 times more likely to be considered. Use something current, and don't have anyone else in the shot with you. If you're truly serious about finding love online, it may even be worthwhile to consider a photo shoot.

DO Be Specific - In your profile, don't say, "Like sports." Instead, say: "Enjoy fly fishing and skiing." This does more than make you stand out. On most sites, users can do searches based on key words. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to come up at the top of search results driven by relevancy.

DO Adjust Your Profile - Face it, your profile is like a marketing campaign. Take a look at what's working for you and what's not. Shop the competition, see what attracts you, and steal some tricks of the trade. You should always be changing and updating your online profile.

Believe it or not, you can even hire a specialist to help you hone your profile. There are plenty of businesses out there designed to make your profile shine. They charge anywhere from $30 to $300.

DON'T Seem Desperate - Recognize that seeming over-eager, i.e. E-mailing several times a day or instant messaging on the hour, will make it appear that you're ready to pick out wedding china and may scare off someone who's not ready to take the plunge. Don't lose out on a good thing by making this mistake.

DON'T Lie - If you truly want to find your soul mate online, lying will catch up with you sooner or later. Of course, you need to be aware that other people may be lying to you. Look for clues. Are they from Michigan, but pictured surfing? Are they a senior executive at 28? Sometimes the more clues you have, the more it doesn't add up.

DON'T Move Too Fast - Relationships that start online tend to move quickly, but moving too quickly can be bad news. The usual sequence is to exchange online communication anonymously, then talk by phone, then agree to meet in a public place - an important safety tip.

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/03/31/earlyshow/series/main684234.shtml


I know it's been a while

I'm sorry I didn't pay much attention to this blog over the last couple of weeks! I've been really busy with my other blog TheBigPow which is receiving more and more visitors post after post :)!

Well, I must say I'm pissed at some anons that have been bugging me over an article I wrote about facials and girls that swallow. I know I might have offended some feminists with one of my comments but truth is they keep on saying/doing stupid things n behalf of women...

Here's something I've read on a blog about feminists:

Austrian still life photographer Bela Borsodi's Foot Fetish series were attacked by feminist groups who said he sexualize and objectify the female body on his photos... Do you think that's the case?


Male humiliation and femdom kingdom at TheBigPow

Hey, girls.. boys... everyone! I've posted a new article on male humiliation.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, my blog is suddenly getting intense and dark, isn’t it? Haha cuckold husbands, forced bi stories, different approaches to the bondage fetish, crazy sex toys... and so and so

Anyways... I don't want to write here what I've already written here

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